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Tropos Mesh Radio Solutions

Tropos Logo MetroMesh is a network architecture, based upon the Tropos System Architecture, for building Smart Cities.  Smart Cities utilize MetroMesh to build metro-area wireless broadband networks for municipal applications utilizing open-standard radios and IP communications. A common physical infrastructure can be leveraged to support multiple municipal applications including Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), video surveillance and public safety access.
Tropos Mesh Solution

Tropos Mesh Routers

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Tropos Mesh Routers
Tropos 7320

Tropos 7320 Outdoor Mesh Router

The highest performance, full-size dual radio router with support for 802.11a/b/g/n.  Architected for maximum flexibility, configurability, and resiliency including: PoE, user-selectable antennas, and battery backup.  Typically used as a gateway or to power 3rd party devices (video camera, meter reading collector).

Tropos 7320 datasheet


Tropos 6320

Tropos 6320/6310 Outdoor Mesh Router

A small, lightweight high-performance router with integrated antennas in single or dual radio configurations and support for 802.11a/b/g/n.  Typically used as a mesh node.

Tropos 6320/6310 datasheet



Tropos 5320

Tropos 5320 Outdoor Mesh Router

A full-size dual radio router with support for 802.11a/b/g that incorporate configuration flexibility: PoE, user-selectable antennas, and battery backup.   Used as a gateway or a mesh node.

Tropos 5320 datasheet


Tropos 9532

Tropos 9532 Outdoor Public Safety Mesh Router

A full-size dual-radio router which uses both 802.11b/g (4.9GHz) to form the mesh links as well as providing client coverage and connectivity.  It reserves the 4.9GHz band for public safety use, while optionally allowing the use of 2.4GHz spectrum to provide fault tolerance and enhance network capacity.

Tropos 9532 datasheet

Tropos 5210

Tropos 5210 Outdoor Mesh Router

A full-size single-radio router with support for 802.11b/g to form the mesh links as well as provide client coverage and connectivity.

Tropos 5210 datasheet

Tropos 4210

Tropos 4210 Mobile Mesh Router

A single-radio router which uses 802.11b/g to create a mobile infrastructure to extend a Tropos fixed wireless mesh network and expand client coverage area.  Its integrated Ethernet port can be used to directly connect a client device(s).

Tropos 4210 datasheet

Tropos 9422

Tropos 9422 Public Safety Mobile Mesh Router

A dual-radio router which utilizes 802.11a (4.9GHz) and 802.11 b/g (2.4GHz) to create a fault-tolerant mobile infrastructure to extend the Tropos fixed wireless public safety network and expand the client coverage area.

Tropos 9422 datasheet

Tropos 3210

Tropos 3210 Indoor Mesh Router

A single-radio router that utilizes 802.11b/g for mesh and client links and seamlessly meshes with Tropos outdoor mesh routers to extend the outdoor coverage indoors.

Tropos 3210 datasheet

Tropos Mesh Network Management

Tropos Control Centralized Management for Tropos Mesh Networks


Tropos Metro Operatino & Optimization Tool


Tropos Drive Test Tool



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