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RFWEL Engineering provides, installs, and supports wireless telemetry systems for wireless and/or remote HVAC control. This enables convenient installations in old buildings or in hard to reach places including harzadous environments. Remote wireless thermostats previde for energy efficiency and optimal temperature control in the most needed areas. See below for more information or contact us to learn more.

Wireless HVAC Control Manufacturers
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Use the table below to select your Wireless thermostat or sensor or contact us to discuss your HVAC control application. Our experienced team will custom-build your system using the best-in-class equipment and industry best-known-methods. We are a Licensed & Bonded Low-Voltage Wireless Communication contractor (Arizona ROC#253407) should you need installation assistance.
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Wireless Remote Thermostats
Thermostat wirelessly communicates to the Equipment Interface Module (EIM) allowing the thermostat to be placed wherever it is needed most.
Venstar Themostats

HA-30403: Wireless Thermostat & Receiver Combo

Wireless, battery operated thermostat that can be placed in any location in your home (up to 500ft from receiver). Transmits radio signals to the receiver which replaces your existing wall thermostat. Allows up to 4 time/temperature settings to be programmed per 24-hr period and stores programs for 7 independent days.

What's included

CL30402: Wireless Thermostat

Up to 4 wireless thermostats per receiver.

Owners Manual

HA30401: Wireless Receiver (HVAC interface module)

Install Manual

Sold Separately
ACC0436: 2-Wire Kit for 2-wire heat systems

Allows use of wireless thermostats with 2-wire heat systems such as Radiant floor heating systems.

ACC0800: A/C to D/C Power Adapter for Wireless Thermostat

Plugs into AC Outlet and allows continuous backlighting.

        Manuf P/N:
P474-1100RF, P474-1000REC (Totaline)
T1100RF, T1000REC

T1119RF: Venstar Add-A-Wireless Thermostat Kit

Kit to convert a wired thermostat (e.g., T1800 & T1900) to wireless. Included RF module plugs into the existing thermostats RJ-11 port allowing the included T1100RF wireless thermostat to control it.

Install Manual (RF Module)

        Includes T1100RF (wireless tstat) and ACC0434 (Rf Module)
Mitsubishi Electric

MHK1: Wireless Remote Controller and Receiver

Kit includes both the MRCH1 Wireless Remote Controllr and the MFH1 Wireless Receiver and Cable

What's included

MRCH1: Wireless Remote Controller

MIFH1: Wireless Receiver

Sold Separately
MCCH1: Portable Central Controller

Allows you to activate and deactivate units as well as set their operating mode and temperature and override their scheduled operations. Up to 16 different mini split indoor units with MHK1 controllers may be operated from a single MCCH1.

MOS1: Wireless Outside Air Sensor

Allows MHK1 and MCCH1 controllers to display outside temperature and humidity.

  THM6000R1002: Redlink Internet Gateway







Remote Controllers

Remote access via telephone (PSTN), Infrared, or serial modems

Replacement Remotes for Mitsubishi Electric Indoor Units



SHHA30416A: Telephone Thermostat Controller

Control thermostat remotely using a cellphone or land-line phone. Adjust up to 4 thermostats and monitor the temperature inside and outside your house over the phone (outside monitoring requires outdoor sensor). Also allows control of component connected to thermostat AUX output such as X-10 powerline controller allowing to turn on appliances, lights, etc remotely.

Compatible with Venstar thermostat models T1700, T1800, T1900, T2700, T2800, T2900 and T2900SCH.

Owner & Install Manual

                  Manuf P/N:

SHHA3041AA: Infrared (IR) Thermostat Controller

Adjust the temperature using this tiny handheld infrared remote control. Includes a module that snaps into the RJ-11 port of the compatible thermostat (eg. T1700, T1800, T1900, T2700, T2800, T2900)

Owner & Install Manual


Manuf P/N:

Mitsubishi Electric

PACUSWHS002WF1: Wireless (Wi-Fi) Control Interface for HVAC Indoor Units

Interface unit enables control of HVAC mini split units via WiFi network using phone or web.




Temperature Sensors

ACC0414RF: Wireless Indoor/ Outdoor Sensor

Wireless Remote Room Sensor can be used to monitor indoor or outdoor temperature (with compatible thermostats only).

Compatible with Venstar thermostat models T1700, T1800, T1900.

Owner & Install Manual


ACC0414REC: Wireless Indoor/ Outdoor Sensor Receiver

Automatically averages the temperatures it receives from wireless sensors and reports the average to the thermostat.

Up to 8 Wireless Sensors (ACC0414RF) may be used with 1 Receiver (ACC0414REC).

Compatible with Venstar thermostat models T1700, T1800, T1900.

Owner & Install Manual




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