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Remote Wireless Video Backhaul Solutions
Video backhaul simply refers to the process of transporting the video footage from cameras located in remote locations to a central location for viewing or storage. This central location could be several feet to several miles and may in fact be in a different country or continent through Internet backhaul. RfWeL specializes in wireless surveillance cameras offering long-range wireless video backhaul.
Wireless Surveillance w/ 3G Cellular Data for Video Backhaul
Wireless Video Backhaul

Wireless surveillance has inherent advantages over wired surveillance.

> Rapid, low-cost deployment and redeployment alleviating the need for disruptive network buildout.
> Easy upgradeability of remote surveillance system as new technology emerges or becomes cost-effective. This is especially the case for 3G cellular data backhaul that has seen improvements in speed, latency, reliability and coverage. Current EVDO RevA & HSPA networks are a great leap above 1xRTT/EDGE networks and future LTE/ WiMax networks will only require a change in video backhaul hardware in lieu of an upgrade to the entire system. Similarly wireless ip cameras may be replaced without reconfiguring the network more
> Convenience of untethering management and storage servers as well as monitoring stations from geographic proximity of cameras. This could be as simple as a mom monitoring the babysitter from work or a corporate security department monitoring remote assets from a central location. In fact RfWeL is considering solutions through our subsidiary and affiliates in low-labor-cost developing countries where companies could outsource quasi-real-time video monitoring much as they do most other IT functions.
> Redundancy and resilience. As we have seen in the recent past wireless systems are more robust to infrastructure disruptions from natural or manmade causes. Even when AP's & repeater nodes are disrupted it is often much simpler to revive the system, reconfigure or reroute the backhaul path more
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