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Cellular 3G data enables economical & reliable backhaul of SCADA & M2M systems

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4G LTE Signal Improvement

In-door cellular network coverage continues to be a challenging problem exacerbated by the increasing use of cellular 3G backhaul technologies including 1xEVDO & UMTS/HSDPA protocols. At RfWeL we specialize in enabling cellular signal propagation at that last critical hop be it in remote areas with sparse cellular coverage or in urban area with in-building coverage issues.


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Economically optimizing the cellular link budget at this last/first stage from the tower to the CPE can get quite challenging. One has to contend with a number of dynamic variables including deciding the right amount of amplifier gain; the right length of low loss cables; type, gain & directivity of antennas; cellular frequency band in use; placement & orientation of antennas for maximum RSS (received signal strength). Yet the biggest question is always "do I really need this or what exactly do I need - is my less than perfect data card speed a result of poor signal strength or low transmit power or is there something else going on?"

RfWeL can objectively answer this! Let us walk you through your situation be it for a small mobile cellular router creating a WiFi network or a large Broadband Wireless Network or DAS utilizing 3G cellular for backhaul. Here are the key vendors we partner with in this space.
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