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Rfwel is an Arizona Licensed Low Voltage Communication Contractor (LV67- Commercial). Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC) License #: 253407. We specialize in commercial wireless systems including:
  > RF site analysis and feasibility studies
  > Wireless & microwave radio system installation and maintenance including systems for long range wireless links, SCADA/telemetry, Wireless Video, and cellular backhaul.
  > Specification, installation and configuration of signal improvement systems for 3G Cellular, WiMax, LTE, WiFi, and other wireless radios. Includes install of roof-mount antennas, low-loss coaxial cables, amplifiers/repeaters, RF splitters/combiners/diplexers, lightning protection system etc.
  > Remote WiFi hotspot design, deployment & management including temporary systems for events & emergency response more
  > Design, installation and management of remote power systems including solar/pv systems and high capacity battery backup solutions more
Rfwel is also an Arizona Registered Engineering firm. Arizona Board of Technical Registration (BTR) Firm Registration #: 17227. We specialize in wireless engineering services including:
  > Wireless system engineering design & simulation.
  > Microwave long distance link budget analysis.
  > RF site analysis, feasibility studies, and custom equipment sourcing.
  > Wireless in-building & campus system engineering design, validation, signoff and pre-and-post-deployment project management.
  > Wireless Engineering consulting in areas including: System design, frequency spectrum selection, antenna licensing, throughput/bandwidth/reliability/cost tradeoff analysis.
  > Custom antenna design.

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