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Wireless Health Solutions Overview


With an ever aging population fast rising it is paramount that technology in general and wireless technology in particular improve the quality of life of retirees by among other things allowing people to stay in their homes longer before requiring round the clock assistance in retirement and assisted living communities. Wireless data solutions make this possible! Rfwel addresses the needs for this population in their homes and retirement communities by:


Wireless Solutions for RV, Campers, Motorhomes

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Rfwel Key Focus Areas in Wireless Health
> Signal & coverage improvement for cellular. Our cellular amplifier/repeater and booster antenna solutions enables indoor coverage of cellular phone signals critical in emergency situations such as falls more
> Wireless remote video surveillance. Allows caregivers, family and loved ones to check on aged family members from across the country or even the world. Intelligent IP systems and software allow setting up access authentication profiles, bi-directional audio, pant-tilt-zoom and remote diagnostics more
> Wireless HVAC monitoring & Control. Rfwel specializes in wireless home automation applications that not only save money but add to confort and quality living. For example we are experts in wireless thermostat control which allows home owners to monitor and adjust temperature wirelessly with a remote from anywhere in the home more
> Wireless data networks, data logging & wireless control. Our expertise in industrial remote control applications is also well suited for the low-end residential applications with solutions such as remote sensors to monitor various home devices. Most electronic devices may also be controlled wireless using custom or standard controllers more
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