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Wireless Vehicle Data

Finally we have a truly mobile and nomadic wireless data solution to serve the needs of the mobile market. Mobility implies that connection is maintained when travelling at speeds as much as 100mph and nomadic implies connection is seamlessly maintained in different geographic areas transferring all the AAA (Authentication, Authorization & Accounting) functions to the new location. Cellular data technologies HSDPA/EVDO can finally conquer this challenge.
  Important parameters for high quality in-vehicle wireless data hardware & service such as cellular modems/routers include:
  Inherent support for mobility and nomadism as explained above
  Rugged design, vehicle mountable & built to withstand dynamic environments
  Convenient ability to power the device using vehicle power - low to moderate power use
  Upgradeable. Ability to add high gain antennas & amplifiers for areas with low RSS
  Ability to integrate with other wireless vehicle telematics solutions
Illustration of Vehicle Remote Wireless Data
  Vehicle Wireless Data Connections Using 3G & Satellite

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