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Remote Wireless Data Solutions. Escape from the tethered realm!

Wireless Data Solutions for RV's

RfWeL offers high speed wireless data solutions serving the RV community. Now more than ever the RV can truly be a mobile office with multiple economical wireless data communication options and seamless connectivity coast-to-coast. Depending on your individual budget and performance requirements an RfWeL wireless data specialist will work with you to determine the most optimal configuration to meet your needs, be it Cellular 3G data with WWAN routers, BGAN satellite terminals, WiFi Bridges or a combination thereof.  
RV Redundant Communication Backhaul System (mouse over to learn more)

Sample Bill of Materials:  
SKU/ MPN Description Remarks
Mobile4G LTE Router & LTE Data Modem
MBR1400 Cradlepoint ARC MBR1400 Series Branch Router with Integrated 3G/4G Compare other 3G/ 4G modems more
LTE Booster Amplifier
-- various -- LTE Amplifier Improves signals on both Cellular (824-894 MHz) and PCS (1850-1990 MHz) bands as well as LTE Bands 700, AWS, 2.5GHz. Works with all major U.S. and Canadian carriers.
Cellular Booster Antenna

Dualband RV Roof Mount Antenna

Mount through the non-metallic RV roof
Wireless Ethernet Bridge
MBR1400 Cradlepoint ARC MBR1400 Series Branch Router with Integrated 3G/4G “WiFi as WAN” mode enables use as a WiFi repeater, WiFi Bridge, or as a WiFi-to-Ethernet adapter for Ethernet-enabled devices
WiFi 2.4GHz Booster Amplifier
12-212 Teletronics 2.4 GHz Indoor Amplifiers With AGC Contact us for customized computation of available link budget and minimum required amplifier gain
IP Surveillance Camera
-- various -- Mobile Cameras IP addressable camera. Contact us for storage options
Solar PV Array
-- various -- Different sizings & mounting depending on need Contact us for SKU & specifications. Custom sized for your power requirements and portability requirements.
Fixed Cellular Terminal
CLSX7T Telular Wi-PATH SX7T HSDPA Fixed Cellular Terminal Features quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and Tri-Band UMTS/HSDPA 850/1900/2100MHz. RJ-11 interface with Group 3 analog fax. Other options of fixed cellular terminals exist such as EVDO versions (Sprint, Verizon etc)
WiFi Antenna
Combo Kit 2.4GHz WiFi High Gain Antenna Combo Kit Contact us for custom cables, cable lengths, or connectors not included in this kit.
Vehicle Laptop Mount
-- various -- Contact us Includes the base, poles, motion attachment, universal notebook cradle, and support braces. Contact us for your specific vehicle constraints
GPS Receiver
-- various -- Contact us This receiver also acts as a Cellular 3G data modem, cellular router and WiFi access point. Contact us to learn more.
GPS Antenna
-- various -- Vehicle GPS Antenna Contact us for your individual mounting constraints and color/style options
BGAN/VSAT Satellite
-- various -- Contact us Contact us for SKU & specifications
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