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Long Range Wireless Link Radios

At RfWeL we specialize in long range wireless data/video/voice transmission for various applications including SCADA/M2M, Video Surveillance Backhaul, Data Network Backhaul & Network Bridging Solutions.


System Typical Application
Point-to-Point Best for long range high speed link. Typically Line-of-Sight (LOS) or Near-Line-of-Sight (nLOS) more
Point-to-Multipoint Best when multiple client nodes need access to a central node. Also hub-and-spoke architecture. A main central node communicates with several remote nodes. Typically Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) more
Mesh Networks Best when you need a redundant wireless network that can self-configure and self-heal (when a node in the mesh is down or slow the mesh re-routes to a different path). You can easily add a node and the mesh reroutes using the new nodes and finds the best path based on pre-determined criterion (e.g highest throughput, lowest latency, most reliable path etc) more

Allows high capacity using advanced antenna techniques, OFDMA air interface & space-time modulation and coding (MIMO). These radios also fall under the point-to-multipoint category above. Info

See also LTE amplifiers and LTE antennas for your project more


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  Note that the suitability of the radios selected really depend on the individual site link budget. Different sites have different interference environments, obstructions and other RF noise. Contact us to learn how to perform a proper RF site analysis and link budget analysis which will help predict with some confidence if the radio will work for you.
Throughput Info Range Info
<200 m
(660 ft)
<500 m
(1650 ft)
<1 km
(3300 ft)
<4 km
(2.5 mi)
<10 km
(6 mi)
<70 km
(45 mi)
<1 Mbps         Avalan AW900XTR, 900MHz Info TrangoLink-10 PTP
<10 Mbps          
<45 Mbps Engenius EOC-5610, ECO1650, EOR7550 or Pepwave PPW-400 Info Info       TrangoLink-45 PTP 5GHz
<100 Mbps          
<150 Mbps          
<200 Mbps Proxim QuickBridge 60250, 60GHz      
<300 Mbps         Proxim Tsunami QB-8100, 5.8GHz Motorola PTP600 Info
<1000 Mbps
(1 Gbps)
Proxim Gigalink 6451, 60GHz Proxim Gigalink 6651, 60GHz Proxim Gigalink 7451, 70GHz Info
  Note that we have shown what radio works best at that maximum range or speed but any radio can be used for any range to the left of it or any speed above it. Typically cost increases as you go right and down.

Implementing a long range high speed wireless link is a non-trivial exercise. Various engineering tradeoffs must be considered not only in selecting the frequency band (licensed vs unlicensed) and channel bandwidth but also when deploying the link. Antenna mast & tower constructions, cables, lightning suppression, environmental factors, regulatory limits on RF emission, city ordinance, power availability etc must be addressed. Contact us to discuss your application. Our experienced team will custom-build your design using the best-in-class equipment and industry best-known-methods. We are a Licensed Low-Voltage Wireless Communication contractor (Arizona ROC#253407) should you need deployment assistance.


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