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RfWeL, Radio Frequency Wireless Electronics, based in Gilbert, Arizona, is a leading RF/Microwave wireless system integrator & VAR with expertise in remote wireless data technologies. Founded in 2004 RfWeL has grown to be one of the main players in the WWAN space and in particular as an expert in leveraging low cost 3G/4G wireless data technologies for remote wireless data applications.

Our experience spans several vertical markets with applications ranging from remote wireless video surveillance, telemetry & SCADA systems, long range wireless links, wireless signal & coverage improvement: amplification & distribution, broadband wireless access, GPS telematics among others. We are also adept at enabling technologies supporting remote data applications such as solar pv technology & high capacity battery backup systems particularly for the public sector & emergency management markets. Rfwel is a licensed low voltage communication contractor - Arizona Registrar of Contractors Number: 253407.



Our core competency in on remote wireless data networks. Applications include:

Getting wireless high speed internet in areas with no other internet (no DSL or cable and other copper/fiber too expensive). This includes using these wireless high speed data backhaul as a secondary connection for backup or redundancy or replacing standard copper/fiber connections due to the benefit of mobility more  
Improving the coverage of wireless networks. Improvement either on cellular side using cellular repeaters/amplifiers/antennas or the network side using wifi antennas/powerline adapters/repeaters, long range ethernet bridges, wireless mesh networks etc. more  
Providing remote surveillance to remote locations. Ability to view cameras placed in remote locations from anywhere in the world. In addition to utilizing the high speed low latency wireless Internet connections this involves designing the video transmission system including remote power considerations, enclosures for environmental & vandalism protection and bandwidth optimization for good Q.O.S more  
GPS and location based services. Provide ability to track anyone or anything anywhere on earth remotely including in real time. Some of these systems are for personal use while many are for business fleets etc. This also includes wireless telematics systems for SCADA, RTU applications more  
Providing remote power or alternate power to remote locations to make this all possible. Given the remote locations we serve we found it necessarily to bring in power competency in-house to give our customers a total solution package. We specialize in Solar PV technology as well as battery technology to power these remote wireless data applications more  
RfWeL also operates a design center in Gilbert Arizona as well as a secure e-store. Our line card includes everything you need to setup remote wireless data systems such as wireless radios, antennas, cables, connectors, weatherized enclosures, solar arrays & battery packs, modems, etc. For a full listing of our product offering please see our online catalog or contact us about your wireless equipment needs.  
One key one-of-a-kind value-added service offered by RfWeL is Wireless Knowledge Center. Here we provide free technical "how-to" workshops which are primarily geared at a non-technical audience and covering topics on wireless’ most frequently asked questions. A lot of consumers are the DIY (Do-it-Yourself) type so we provide that little background wireless technical information to enable customers to economically & effectively implement varied wireless projects.  


To continue to be the clear indispensible bridge between Wireless Equipment OEM's, Wireless Service Providers and the end user. Next generation broadband wireless IP networks will enable a plethora of new applications and as different technologies & protocols struggle to co-exist in the finite wireless space, applications will get more complicated & quality of service ellusive without a tech savvy consumer or a value-added reseller partner. RfWeL is committed to be that VAR.



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